The United Kingdom is a nation that succeeded England, Scotland and Wales. It is a constitutional monarchy. Today most power is with the Prime Minister (David Cameron), although the monarch (Elizabeth II) has some powers. The United Kingdom once controlled a vast amount of territory including what is now the United States, Canada, Australia, and India, as well as much of Africa and the Pacific. Britain still influences policy in some of its former territories through the Commonwealth. Britain was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. It has been known for centuries for its strong navy. Despite fighting two wars with the United States, the two countries are strong allies today, and have fought on the same side of numerous wars.


Britain has long been a formidable country in terms of military. It and the allies defeated Nazi Germany, Italy, and [Japan]] in the Second World War. It also defeated France in the Napoleonic Wars.

Notable LeadersEdit


Elizabeth II

Winston Churchill

Margaret Thatcher

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